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Adventure Travel Center provides personalized and effective service and believes in the travelers' complete satisfaction. Let yourself be treated to the best Nature, Culture and Adventure in Latin America.

Adventure Travel Center can design a personalized itinerary for individuals, couples, families and groups of travelers. Many religious organizations and non-profit medical groups rely on us for their accommodation, transportation and coordination of their goodwill missions in Guatemala. ATC is also a proud sponsor of various sustainable development projects.

Explore at your own pace and style. We can tailor a tour that will fit your special interest and budget. We are big on communication. That is why we want you to e-mail us as often as you want so we have a better idea of your expectations. For instance, Guatemala has a variety of hotels, from 5 star Museum hotels, small, cozy beautiful Boutique hotels, Bed and Breakfast and mid-range accommodation. We have good roads, first class vehicles and cautious, knowledgeable drivers. Trust us. We have a perfect safety record and we always keep an eye out for you.

So whether you want to take a helicopter ride around our spectacular volcanoes, go sailfish fishing in the Pacific ocean, live the traditional Mayan culture, explore the temples of this lost civilization or just stroll around our famous colonial city of Antigua just look for us at our main office, conveniently located right next to the arch of Santa Catalina, the town's famous landmark. Take a cooking class of Guatemalan cuisine, visit a coffee plantation, study Spanish immersion style , you can have it all. And all our services are guaranteed.

So write to us, pack your bag and let us
handle the rest. We will make sure that
your Guatemalan vacation is a memorable

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